Everything you need to know about trash, garbage, and recycling.

GARBAGE is easily differentiated from trash and recycling because it smells. Garbage pickup days for Rock Creek are Tuesday and Friday. According to the City’s website, “…garbage collection begins at 1:00 a.m. Cans should be placed on your right of way the night before collection and should be removed the same day as collection. Cans are not to be placed at the curb earlier than 24 hours before your scheduled collection.” Our CC&R’s require garbage cans be placed curbside after 4 p.m. the day before pickup.

“Garbage must be bagged and contained in a city-issued automated garbage can. These cans are the property of the City of Fairhope and residents are responsible for any damage or theft.

“All household waste and small bulk waste is considered garbage. This includes food, animal waste, chemical and gardening containers, and any non-recyclable containers. Small electronics are also garbage but may be recycled at the recycling center.”

TRASH “…includes yard waste (limbs, leaves, grass), crates, old furniture, appliances and bulk materials and is collected weekly.

“Yard waste must be separated from all other materials for yard waste pickup. Do not use plastic bags! Traditional plastic bags are not 100% biodegradable and do not fit in with the City’s yard waste recycling program. Composting at home is an excellent idea, also. If you bag your yard waste, please use earth-friendly, compostable bags, available at most area hardware/garden shops for a minimal price.

“Containers are not trash! All containers which have had food or chemicals in them at one time must be contained with garbage, not trash. Also, remember garden pots must be bagged with garbage.

“Any debris that may blow must be contained. Do not place trash or debris on sidewalks, in roads or in drainage areas. Doing so may result in a fine. [Your landscape services are also required to abide by this rule.]

“Yard waste may be placed at curbside for pick up at any time. Other trash, such as furniture and bulk items, may not be placed out for pick up more than 24 hours before the scheduled pick up day. [Emphasis added.]

“Small electronics are considered "garbage" and should be placed beside your garbage can (radios, stereos, microwaves). However, computer peripherals should be brought in for recycling at the Public Utilities Warehouse 555 South Section Street.”

HOWEVER, items like roofing material, carpeting, flooring tiles, decking and fencing materials, etc., - any contractor trash – the City requires to be removed by the contractor. CC&R Section 7.36 states: “Upon completion of construction, the OWNER shall cause the contractor to immediately remove all equipment, tools, construction material and debris from the LOT.” This provision applies to all contractors work you have done at your home. The City will not pick up debris that is the responsibility of the contractor to remove.

The reason for this is, our landfill is not licensed to accept such items. The City then must take these items to Magnolia Springs and pay for disposing of them. That’s your tax dollars being wasted. All contractors should have permits to dispose of their construction debris. Before you hire one, make sure he has this permit and make sure he understands he is required to remove any debris resulting from his work on your property. If you are a DIYer, the same rules apply.

Our TRASH pickup day is Thursday and again, while yard trash accumulates daily, other trash items may not be placed curbside until after 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

The City has stopped charging for additional pickups so it would behoove you to call the Public Works Department and request a special run to pick up accumulated large household trash items so you and your neighbors don’t have to look at it on the street.

RECYCLING is offered once a week, and our recycling day is Thursday. “Recycling materials should be sorted for ease of collection. The City of Fairhope currently recycles mixed paper, cardboard boxes (broken down), glass containers, plastic jugs, and steel/aluminum cans at curbside. There is no fee for recycling.

“Twice each year in April and November the City hosts an electronic recycling and community shredding.

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